Kananaskis 100

K100 is hosted by Be There Races and took place on the 23rd of June 2018.  The race is split between 10 legs, with the first leg starting in the city of Longview. Race start times are 6am, 7am, or 8am depending on your team’s predicted finish time.

I ran leg seven. The website describes it as : The drop from Highwood Pass continues through the first 5km with 170 m loss of elevation. The last 11.5km is moderately hilly with an overall elevation loss of 90m. The course has now entered Kananaskis Valley. The surface is asphalt.



The race allows you to have two support vehicles along the route to drive racers between legs and to supply runners with anything they might need. You are also required to carry bear spray, just in case one decides to say hello. This was probably a good thing because there were quite a few bears along the course. I was lucky/not lucky to see a bear, but there was a bear along my course that i just missed.

The support cars were required to stop at the runners request. I had my car stop every 2 km. They would wear reflective vests so they were well in site to cross the road and provide the runner with water, candy, take their clothing, what ever the runner needed really. It was really nice to not have to carry my water vest and have someone bring me water 🙂

wearing reflective


The run was really enjoyable. I was lucky as the downpour of rain stopped by my leg. But it did get quite humid. I started off with a vest and long sleeve swiftly and both come off throughout the race. I was quite lucky to run a personal best 1km time of 4.49, 1 mile time of 7.46 and 5km time for 57.49 within my 16.5km leg.  I do believe i could have PB my 10km time but realising that i still had 11.5km to go I decided to pull back. I decided to base my run on my heart rate and if i felt it getting to high I would pull back. I ended up with an average heart rate of 161 BPM. The race had the most amazing views. It was hard to not stop and get lost in the moment. I didn’t have my phone on me during the run, but I did take some shots through out the race during other legs.



My only real issue with the race was having to carry the bear spray. Even thought it wasn’t that big it did impact how i felt during the run and i felt a little off balance. I saw a lot of runners with a belt that held the bear spray which is something i will be looking into in the future.


I finished the run 16.57km with a time of 1:44:33 a pace of 6.19. As I have only just gotten back to training i am ecstatic about my time.post race bear spray

After my leg we went and saw Kath finish leg 8 and then headed up to the finish line for some food. You had a choice of salads, hamburgers or hot dogs. You were also given a bottle of water and some potato chips. It was a great way to end the day sitting around with your team reliving what an amazing day it had been.

For more information about this amazing event and how to registered you can head over to http://bethereraces.com/kananaskis-100-mile-relay/



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