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Diva Half Marathon

The Diva Half Marathon and 5km ran for the first time in Calgary on the Sunday June 24th 2018.  I ran the Half Marathon Course which runs along the Bow River.

Calgary half marathon course

Package pick up was at the Westin downtown. However should you choose you could get a VIP packet pick up and pick up at the start of the race which costed an additional fee.

Each package includes your race bibs, participant shirts, tutus in a drawstring bag.  The diva half marathon and 5km supports Rethink Breast Cancer which is a young women’s breast cancer movement.

Every participate does receive a medal which includes a charm that is compatible with Pandora Bracelets.  All Divas receive a glamorous Boa and Tiara station right before the finish and a glass of Bubbly.

After yesterday’s run Jen and I decided we would not push today, we would take it nice and easy and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Calgary.  We had no expectations on time or speed. We decided to take photos along the course and just enjoy the stunning weather.



There were plenty of water stations and porta potties along the way. The water stations had water and electrolytes. The electrolytes seemed to be a little watered down but that suits me perfectly because sometimes i find them too sweet. I just found i needed to drink twice as much. Towards the end of the race the water stations were actually handing out icy poles which were really refreshing and enjoyable towards the end of the race 🙂 About 200 metres before the race finishes you are handed a pink feather boa and a tiara to wear to cross the finish line. You are then handed a glass of bubby, a choice between pink or white. Even though it was non alcoholic it was so yum!!!  You are then presented your medal in a little keep sake bag and given post race snacks and drinks.

post race selfie.jpg


After the run there was a lot of music, and opportunities to get a massage.  You could even get photos with firemen!!!


The only downfall with the entire event was the KM markers were quite off by about a km but that seemed to fix up right towards the end of the course.  With that being the only negative I would say this was a really successful event.


For more information please refer to:


*Edit* i have been informed due to the rain we had yesterday km markers moved and there was an announcement at the start of the race




Hello, My name is Bre Gustafson and I have been living in Canada since December 2012. I was born in country Victoria, Australia and lived my entire life. I actually never imagined moving across to the other side of the world until I met my Husband Jacob. Coming from a background in finance I decided I wanted to make a change from the corporate world and pursue my passion in fitness. In 2014 Jacob and I moved to Calgary and I got a job with Spa Lady. I am currently their fitness manager at Westbrook Mall as well as a personal trainer and soon to be a group fitness instructor. I specialise in re-hab clients, but I also get really excited to help clients looking to increase their strength or start or improve their running. My passion is running. I have completed 1 marathon, so many half marathons I can’t keep count as well as 30km, 10km and 5km races. I think the best way to view Calgary is through walking or running, we are very lucky here to have some many running and biking paths. Some of my favourite areas to go are Fish Creek Park, Edworthy Park and Glenmore Reservoir. I look forward to sharing my journey as a runner and trainer with you 🙂

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